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Home for the Work of

Nathaniel Newby


The purpose of the work is to properly prepare people for progression and development as spiritual beings.  Along the way people will learn and see things in new ways.  

We take the mystery out of mastery.


If there ever was a language for Being, or spiritual progression, it’s been lost.  All we have is fragments.  It’s time to put the pieces back together again.  


This is reconstruction of lost knowledge and new ways of making spiritual development practical and accessible in the everyday world.


The work focuses on structures and processes that are in operation in our human experience. 



Are you ready to become more responsible on your spiritual journey?

Are you ready to be more effective in life?

Would you like to live more often "in the zone" (in Being)?

Here is a list of people who can help.


About Nathaniel

For six years Nathaniel studied ontological design, which included a three-year masters-level program with Dr. Fernando Flores, originator of the field.  Nathaniel was certified by Ron Smotherman to facilitate the Man/Woman Transformation of Love workshop and has led workshops in relationships and mastery since the mid 1980s.  Nathaniel earned a degree in chemical engineering from Washington State University.  He began his serious study of mastery at the age of 12.  This was the time of his spiritual awakening in 1968.  He was born in California in 1955.  He currently lives in southern Colorado.


Waterfall of Being

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